Beau-Jarred is the third of Melanie Safka's three children, born in 1980.
He travels with his mother through the world to play a wonderful guitar
with his mother Melanie Safka Schekeryk - the living legend of the "Woodstock" - artists.

He now has released his first CD. Beau himself wrote on the backsite this:

This is a collection of compositions, songs and colors of flamenco.
It represents me from the moment I began to create and perceived
a life communicating with music. I am different now. I am transforming.
My voice has chnaged. I'm emerging. This is my beginning. This is not
an apaology. It's just important that you know.

With this website I want to try to support Beau's way into the future as an
guitarplayer, singer and songwriter. Not the same music like her mother,
but a wonderful music from an excellent guitarist.

Michael Friede

webmaster and owner of this website and of